Colloidal Silver Benefits

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  2. July 12, 2012 1:10 am

Colloidal Silver Benefits

If you are interested in trying a supplement that has a long history of success, then you may want to know more about colloidal silver benefits. This supplement has been in use for a very long time, and there is no end to its use in sight in the near future.

Although the FDA has stopped over the counter sales of colloidal silver, there are still many places where it can be obtained. They have stated that colloidal silver benefits are not proven, and that the product is not effective for treating anything.

This does not stop thousands of people from using colloidal silver and spreading the word amongst family and friends on the effectiveness of colloidal silver benefits. Ever since antibiotics were discovered, they have been routinely over prescribed by doctors. The net effect of that over prescription is that we are now faced with what are known as “superbugs”.

Superbugs are antibiotic resistant and are responsible for many deaths each year. We have lost our magic pill in antibiotics, but have overlooked colloidal silver benefits. Colloidal silver can eradicate over 650 different varieties of bacteria and disease while antibiotics were only ever effective against five of those.

People who regularly consume colloidal silver have a strengthened immune system, so they succumb to less illness and disease than other people. They also have less toxins in their bloodstream because the colloidal silver flushes those out of the body.

Silver is a natural mineral and is not toxic to the body. The solution that people take contains microscopic silver particles and these are absorbed into the blood directly through the lining of the stomach. From that point, the blood stream feeds the body’s cells with the silver particles, and these particles are effective in cutting off the nutrition to bacteria, viruses and disease.

If you were to stop taking this supplement, all traces of it would be completely flushed out of your body within about ninety days. Many colloidal silver benefits continue to be discovered, and some of them include treatment of nail fungus, gingivitis, canker sores, to relieve pain associated with a toothache, to stimulate plant growth and even to rinse store bought produce, keeping it fresh for much longer.

While colloidal silver is not effective in eradicating disease, it can be highly effective in killing the micro organisms that cause disease. It is important to know that the body is a complex machine and has its own systems that fight disease. Once you are fully involved in the late stages of any illness, it is easy to reach for whatever you believe is a miracle cure, but preventative measures are much more effective.

Large prescription drug manufacturers have already started to discredit colloidal silver benefits, and the reason for this is obvious. If everyone stopped taking prescription medications and started on a more preventative track by taking supplements and looking after themselves with naturopathic methods, large prescription companies would be largely out of business. Drug company’s profits are at stake, so be certain to carefully read whatever information you can find regarding colloidal silver benefits.

Prevention of illness is the preferable route, and prescription medications are generally used when you are already quite sick. Taking colloidal silver regularly can help to prevent you becoming ill and needing to take prescription drugs.

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