Colloidal Silver Generator

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  2. October 23, 2012 1:13 am

Colloidal Silver Generator

Once you discover the numerous health benefits of colloidal silver and start to use it on a regular basis, it is almost mandatory that you purchase a colloidal silver generator to create your own silver solution at home. Comparing the cost of keeping a constant supply of fresh colloidal silver solution and brewing your own with a generator will clearly reveal the savings to you.

Preparing your own silver solutions at home with a colloidal silver generator will save you the cost of the products, shipping and handling, and you won’t have to wait for your order to arrive. Another advantage is that you will know the quality of the solution you are producing. Most silver solutions tend to break down over time, and the particles separate out of the liquid, making them much less effective than when they were first purchased.

A good colloidal silver generator will produce solutions of colloidal silver which are 80 – 90% pure metallic silver in particles of 1 – 10 nano meters in size. Many generators are available for purchase and range widely in price.

Colloidal silver is quickly becoming one of the most widely used and highly regarded natural substances available for natural and holistic health maintenance. The main issue with using this product as a supplement is keeping the solution viable. Ions are naturally unstable, and this translates into a low shelf life when silver solutions are stored long term.

Using a colloidal silver generator ensures that a fresh solution is ready for use, and gives you the ability to prepare your silver solution on demand, whenever you want to.

A colloidal silver generator is simply a small counter top machine that is plugged into a standard outlet. Two silver rods are placed into a glass bottle filled with distilled water that has been preboiled for 20 minutes and cooled. The machine is then turned on and left to process the solution. Many generators feature a pulsed magnetic stirring system and create the solution in a sealed chamber. The machine itself is quiet and will turn off on its own once the process is complete.

Brewed solutions should be stored in colored glass bottles in order to preserve the solution for the longest period of time. The solution will start off clear after it is generated, and then it may change color over time to have a slight hue of yellow, orange or pink. The solution that is produced may have a slight metallic taste, but this is completely normal.

Generators are convenient to use at home or just about anywhere and come in a variety of sizes. If you are simply wanting to produce enough of the solution for yourself, you may want to purchase a smaller personal sized colloidal silver generator. If you want to produce enough solution for your entire family, then a larger generator may be what you require.

Each colloidal silver generator kit should come complete with silver rods, cables that connect the generator to a power source, instructions for use and a special scouring pad. Colloidal silver is known to be a natural germicide that has the ability to clean your bloodstream within about fifteen minutes after you ingest it. Silver solution supports a healthy immune system and assists in fighting disease and killing bacteria. It can also assist the body in the natural process of repairing its tissue. Colloidal silver can be used internally or externally, on burns, cuts and rashes and can also be used on pets.

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